The IREOS, based in Genoa, Italy, is a holding company that controls, or has connections with, several other companies, including IREOS S.p.A., the operative company, and IREOS Laboratori S.r.l., the chemical laboratory, which is the oldest company of the Group. Since 1979, it has worked in environmental services and for over 20 years has worked in the field of environmental reclamation, employing a professional and highly trained staff and using its own resources to undertake comprehensive site investigation and chemical analysis on contaminated sites.

IREOS is specialized in the investigation, analysis and reclamation of contaminated industrial land and groundwater. We have extensive experience in the reclamation of sites and buildings contaminated by asbestos and other hazardous substances. We also manage complex waste handling, and organize recovery and/or disposal systems; we design and install equipment to manage the complete waste cycle for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In addition, we offer in-house skills to design and fabricate off- or on-site plants for the waste treatment. We have designed both mobile plant and permanent facilities for specialist remediation activities.