IREOS’s chemical laboratory was set up in the early 80’s as a support for the company activities.
As an increasing number of laws for environmental safety have come into force, with customers’ consequent need for more detailed information and data about their environmental activities and impact, the laboratory has grown through the years.

It employs instruments and structures able to supply chemical analysis services to private and public organizations for the verification and measurement of their environmental performance.

Since April 1995 the chemical laboratory has been established as an independent company named IREOS LABORATORI S.r.l., directed by a graduate in Chemistry belonging to the National Chemists Association.



The performance of chemical analysis plays an extremely important role in waste management for general and specific environmental interventions. With good data and information we are able to take better decisions on where and how to intervene, what technical solutions are appropriate and which their cost is. Having an internal laboratory allows us to gather data to design treatment plants and remediation solutions under the best possible conditions.


The company employs many technicians specialized in laboratory analysis and in external sampling (emissions in the atmosphere, workplaces, drainage water, stratum water, waste and land).

We use the most modern instruments to gather real time testing for both organic materials and metals.



IREOS has a specialized team qualified to undertake the role of Safety Coordinator. This division monitors the company in their application of safety systems and ensures compliance with the law. It has all of the equipment required to perform balanced safety checks. Our staff is familiar with all the health and safety topics relevant to our business.