Effective waste management requires the knowledge of specific legislation, as well as of the specific hazards associated with the handling of chemicals.

The primary aim is to avoid or reduce the production of waste, and then to employ suitable chemical or physical treatments, in order to reduce the harmfulness of the waste and, if possible, to recover most of the elements that can either be re-used or that have a market value.




The treatments, which may be generic or specially designed and manufactured for particular types of waste, are aimed to the recovery of the materials that still have reuse potential or market value.

Treatments include both physical separation and chemical processes, designed to reduce the hazard classification of the material
or to make it in compliance with final disposal requirements.



Our waste recovery systems can be designed to extract valuable components from the material or to create new materials suitable for energy recovery.



IREOS does not suggest disposal of waste in landfill if not as a last option and only after all other possible interventions have been assessed. The landfill process, which we design, built and manage directly if required, is fulfilled today with important environmental rules that ensure safety of storage, but remains a technology of minor commercial and technical value.