IREOS is able to provide a comprehensive decommissioning services ensuring safety of delivery. Often, prior to demolition, the first step involves the removal of asbestos insulation from equipment, followed by the cleaning of tanks and pipes. Once completed the removal of above ground structures, we are able to proceed with the remediation of soil and groundwater.




IREOS is able to perform the preliminary surveys and subsequent removal of asbestos containing material (ACM) in industrial installations. Our team take care of all the pre-established phases, ensuring appropriate environment control. We have specialist skills in containment of hazardous material, packaging and disposal of the material, in accordance with the law. Before starting any work, we ensure that all legal documentation required for the activity is in place.




IREOS can perform cleaning of pipelines that contain or have contained petroleum products. This is achieved by either displacement and/or use of “pigging” performed using various fluids. We have also used cleaning degreasers that are specific for the removal of the particular petroleum product. The “pigging” is usually followed by a fluid cleaning cycle that can utilize water or nitrogen. Integrity test is often performed after cleaning with nitrogen pressure testing.




IREOS perform the reclamation of storage tanks of all sizes, either operational or obsolete, both below or above ground level. Our reclamation techniques involves the application of innovative methods and technologies that maximize recovery of those products that can be reused in the production cycle. If necessary, or if the customer requires, the tank to be scrapped, after evaluating and verifying the safety conditions, can be demolished by either cold or hot cutting.




Demolition is a known and tested activity, but it is not easy to perform it in an environmentally sustainable way. It is very important to proceed safely and to separate the different matrices in order not to mix different categories of waste. Careful design can allow recovery of many separate waste fractions that can offer valuable recovery.



Land Remediation

IREOS has extensive expertise in the reclamation of industrially active or disused land to allow reuse for other purposes, including environment restoration. Through our own facilities and internal organization, we can perform the activities related to
a site reclamation:

  • predisposing all the necessary documents such operative safety plans, etc.;

  • taking care of all the site activities including the digging using our equipment of the contaminated material and lands, according to the procedure agreed in the projects and with the operative safety plans;

  • carrying out a characterization analysis of any material left after the reclamation;

  • preparing the installation on site for the

    definitive storage and/or the treatment

    of the contaminated land and stratum.


Ship Recycling

IREOS has expertise in ship recycling. Through our own capabilities and internal organization, can perform the activities related to ship recycling:

  • predisposing all the necessary documents such operative safety plans, etc.;
  • preparing the installation on site for the temporary storage and/or the treatment of the waste;
  • organizing the recovery and/or disposal, of the material and waste resulting from the operations, off the site.