IREOS has designed and installed innovative processes for the treatment of waste and the recovery of products. Our skills have assisted our clients to recover value when considering decommissioning of facilities and have enabled those involved to work in total safety. Treating waste reduces costs and limits environmental impact. On-site treatment has the additional benefit to avoid the need to move materials, reducing transport costs.


Permanent plants

IREOS has designed and constructed permanent treatment plants, managed on-site. The waste is brought to the system, and treated with chemical and physical processes, where the primary goal is the recovery of material that still have economic value, and the reduction of final disposal costs.

Mobile plants

IREOS has developed, designed and built mobile plant for solid, liquid or gas waste treatment. Being able to move the plants allows us to minimize the cost and the time for treatment. In addition to developing systems for the treatment of water, solids and sludge, we have established a modular and integrated system for the treatment of toxic gases. We take care of all the licensing requirements associated with plant construction and operation.

Dedicated plants

IREOS has designed many specialist systems dedicated to a single remediation project. These have individually designed, bespoke solutions for the specific project ensuring that treatment efficiency has optimized.