IREOS coordinates and manages removal and sites treatment of waste produced by industry.

We ensure that the environmental impact of disposal or treatment, and the cost for the Customer, is minimized. We deal with the complete organization of the service by:

  • verifying the correct attribution of the CER codes of waste;
  • evaluating the reliability of chemical analysis;
  • selecting and proposing appropriate plants to the Customer for the recovery and / or disposal of the individual items of waste, (having preliminary carried out an audit);
  • manipulation, packaging and “in full” waste loading services,
  • whenever necessary or requested, all necessary infrastructure construction;
  • Organizing transport from production sites to waste treatment plants.

IREOS can provide a complete turnkey waste handling and management solution for industrial facilities. We work closely with our industrial partners to establish systems that fit with the management of the facility structure. Our staff in Genoa manage the design and coordination of the facility.